Available Colors

Due to COVID, many colors are now hard to get. Below you will see color charts, but on many I only offer certain colors. This is due to availability. Plus, let be honest, too many choices, too many problems! Ha! If you have your heart set on a certain color, please let me know.

–Please remember that dark print won’t show up on a dark shirt, and vice versa. Please don’t order a black print on a black shirt and be mad. I did this on one of my own. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

–The mock up prints are as shown. The tshirt colors on the mockups do vary. Also remember that if the print looks big, it will be smaller depending on the size of shirt it is placed on. Something that looks big on a medium, will look smaller on a 2x. Typical prints are 10″x11″ or so. –Some are Bella+Canvas Brand, some Gildan. In experience and research, each brand has better material for different colors. Some colors may not always be available due to demand, a close substitute may be needed. The light color in Bellas seem to be see though. We are way to old for that. The seasonal colors I have posted are general colors, so I may choose what’s more readily available. The shirt brands I have been using are Bella + Canvas, Gildan Softstyle, and TultexπŸ˜‚–Size up if you have any questions. These are custom made to order, so if you order it, you’re paying. I don’t exchange sizes. However, if you mess your size up, you can gift it and viola! Don’t have to worry about last minute gift getting.

β€”Allow 2-3 weeks for turnaround time. A) this is a side gig. B) the USPS is pretty dang slow C) the people I buy the screens from also have lives πŸ˜‚